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Influencing Education Across the Globe

Dr. Avis Glaze has served as Education Adviser to governments such as New Zealand,  Ontario and Scotland, and has worked with educators at all levels of education systems in over 50 countries and (USA) states.

“Avis Glaze is one of those outstanding leaders who cares deeply about equity  and social justice, sees the big picture and is a master at blending moral purpose, political realities and change savvy. Drawing on a wealth of experience and successes, there are a few educators in the world who can match her leadership qualities and ability to teach others.”

Professor Michael Fullan, OISE/University of Toronto


“I have known Dr. Glaze since my childhood in Jamaica and have always had great admiration for her personal character and her dedication to the education and encouragement of children.  An early, cherished memory I have is of her gift to me of a tennis racquet which has underscored, in my mind, the commitment she has to ensuring the holistic child development through the nurturing of mental, physical and social  ability.  That simple gesture has always been a reminder to me to give of my best in any the engagement of any endeavour.

Dr. Glaze values education and hard work and, as a professional educator, she would often ask about my academic aspirations and career plans.  However, these questions were never posed at a remove from herself.  In fact she was equally, if not more, demanding of herself.  Upon the successful completion of her PhD, I recall asking her what she might want to do next, with all that hard work behind her.  To my surprise and lasting inspiration, she declared that she wanted to pursue yet another line of study simply for her personal enjoyment and growth.  In this way, through personal example, she brought me to understand that education is a journey, not a destination.  I have admired her extraordinary ability to balance her drive, vision and self-confidence against her patience, empathy and sensitivity. Dr. Glaze has consistently modelled excellence for me, presenting herself as a living example of what I might accomplish if only I would try, as she would prod me, to “reach for the stars.”

Ricardo Allicock Jamaican Ambassador to Japan

The Golden Age of Education

What a privilege it is to be an educator today! We now have access to an extensive knowledge base to help us resolve the seemingly most intractable concerns in our field. We are superbly equipped to use these new insights for further improvement. These are truly exciting times!

I hope you share my optimism for what we will continue to achieve in education.

Avis Glaze

At Edu-quest International, we focus on teaching, learning, leadership, organizational effectiveness and the development of interpersonal competencies. Our mandate is to:

  • Build capacity among educators to improve instructional effectiveness
  • Improve student learning and achievement in all domains
  • Achieve equity and excellence
  • Share research-informed, high impact strategies
  • Focus on a holistic approach – character, career, entrepreneurship and life skills development
  • Address issues related to parent, student and community outreach and engagement
  • Emphasize diversity, human rights and inclusive education practices
  • Ensure that schools serve the needs of all students, regardless of background or socio-economic factors, and
  • Help education systems develop the leadership they need to fulfil their promise of educating all children to the highest possible levels

We challenge minds, engage hearts, inspire will, strengthen skills and achieve results.

We share the lessons we have learned over almost 40 years at all levels of education systems across the globe of what it takes to improve education with a sense of urgency. For us, capacity building must be the essence of any school improvement efforts.

Avis being congratulated by Governer General, Lieutenant Governor, Chief Justice of Ontario.

Avis being congratulated by the Governor General of Canada,  Lieutenant Governor, and the Chief Justice of Ontario.

Nova Scotia hires Avis to conduct education system review

World renowned expert, Avis Glaze, conducting education system administrative review

The province has hired Avis Glaze, an internationally recognized expert, to review its education administrative model.

The review will look at how Nova Scotia public schools are administered, including elected school boards and their central office administration, along with administration at the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

Ms. Glaze has extensive experience in system and school improvement having worked with educators in almost 50 countries. She has also been a classroom teacher, special education teacher, guidance counsellor, administrator and a faculty of education professor

Zach Churchill, Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development.

Zach Churchill, Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development.

“This review is about ensuring our system is working as well as it can for the maximum benefit of our students,” said  Zach Churchill, Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development.

It’s been two decades since we took a look at our administrative model.  I believe that we could benefit from the breadth and depth of experience  that Avis will bring to bear on a review … read full article

Avis with Premier Stephen McNeil of Nova Scotia

Avis with Premier Stephen McNeil of Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia education system review: mandate, findings & reactions 

Education System Administrative Review
The purpose of the review was to look at how Nova Scotia public schools were administered, including the role of elected school boards and their central office administration, and the administration at the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development … continue reading

AVIS GLAZE: Retooling the school system and realizing its full potential
I am imagining myself now, sitting next to Nova Scotian primary students, perched at their desks on the first day of school, thrumming with excitement over the possibilities of the years ahead. I imagine my view from those desks, looking around their classroom in awe. And I wonder: How can we help them thrive during their educational journey? What can we do to support their teachers, the math specialist, the mental health counsellor and the principal? … The Chronicle Herald Opinions continue reading 

Response to Glaze Report
Government’s changes to the education system will provide more support for students and give communities more input.  “Our singular focus is on improving student success,” said Zach Churchill, Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development … continue reading 

BILL BLACK: How to prioritize education reforms
There is a lot to like in Avis Glaze’s report on improving our school system. Education Minister Zach Churchill’s announcement endorsed the report generally, and 11 of the recommendations specifically. The overarching theme is getting more resources into the classroom … The Chronicle Herald Opinions continue reading

Scotland names Dr. Avis Glaze as International Education Adviser

Avis at International Council of Education  Advisers meeting in Scotland  with First Minister,  Nicola Sturgeon

Dr. Avis Glaze has been named as one of ten expert international education advisers for the government of Scotland. Glaze, who once served as Ontario Education Commissioner, also served as Adviser to the Minister of Education in Ontario. She was the Chief Student Achievement Officer of Ontario and the founding CEO of Ontario’s Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat.
… Glaze says she feels privileged to be appointed as an international adviser. “I am honoured,” says Glaze.  “What l like most about Scotland is that … click to read full article

International Council of Education Advisers (ICEA) – February 27 & 28, 2017
Pedagogy, leadership and collaboration key to successful reform.
Scotland should prioritise three areas for action as it takes forward reforms to make its education system world class, the International Council of Education Advisers has told ministers.The council conducted two days of discussion around its three main themes – what works educationally to close the equity gap; capacity building in education leadership; and building collaboration and collective responsibility in Scottish education … click here for complete article

International Council of Education Advisers (ICEA)  Minutes of Meeting August 31 – September 01, 2016

Avis with First Minister Nicola Sturgess

18 Women All K-12 Educators Should Know

“Avis Glaze has had an outstanding career in education but her bio speaks for itself:

Dr. Avis Glaze is an international leader in the field of education. As one of Canada’s outstanding educators, she has been recognized for her work in leadership development, student achievement, school and system improvement, character development and equity of outcomes for all students. As Ontario’s first Chief Student Achievement Officer and founding CEO of the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat, she played a pivotal role in improving student achievement in Ontario schools. Her primary focus in education is on building capacity to ensure that all students achieve, regardless of background factors or personal circumstances. It is her core belief that educators play a fundamental role in sustaining democracy.”  …
Education Week: Excerpt from Article by Peter DeWitt … read full article

Avis - First and only K - 12 Educator to receivei the Order of Ontario for outstanding contribution to education
Avis was the first K-12 Educator to receive the Order of Ontario for outstanding contribution to education

Avis Glaze proudly serves on the following councils

International Adviser to Curriculum Services Canada

Curriculum Services Canada supports an international learning community through curriculum consultation, resource development, and teacher training services. The CSC team works with ministries of education, university faculties of education, teacher associations, and schools around the world to build teacher capacity and impact student learning. The CSC website offers free access to quality resources to help build strong education system.

Curriculum Services Canada

International Adviser to Learning Forward: The Professional Learning Association

Learning Forward shows you how to plan, implement, and measure high-quality professional learning so you and your team can achieve success with your system, your school, and your students.

Learning Forwad: The Professional Learning Association

Our global reach

Conversation with Andrea Bradley, Assistant Secretary of The Scottish Educational Journal, December 2017.
Click here to read the transcript

Edu-quest International continues to influence educational discourse and practice through the work of teachers, principals, superintendents, directors of education, policy makers, parents and community members across the globe. Avis has a network of practitioners and knows first-hand education systems worldwide.  Her global reach includes:

The Barbados

Cayman Islands


New Zealand
South Africa

Trinidad and Tobago
United States of America


Your lifelong commitment to student learning has no parallel.  Every effort that I have observed you make has had just one focus:  that is to move the student agenda forward with such care and appropriate support.  I’ll just cite one example….when the  horrible Columbine attack took place your immediate response was to ‘respond’….and character education in the York Region District School Board was born. 

I’m still in the schools often and there isn’t a visit to any of our schools that does not reflect the importance of good character both visibly and with action.If that was your only legacy that would be sufficient.  It hasn’t been, and won’t be. I regard my learning from you related to my own career, and in my life, as most relevant and important. 

We collectively in York Region are so blessed that you shared your great passion while you were with us in York Region.  Others are blessed that you took your efforts beyond our borders”
Dean Bodkin, Director, Bodkin Educational Consulting, Toronto, Canada

Avis working with educators

Avis working with educators in Norway

Avis at Redwell Primary - Scotland

Avis at Redwell Primary – Scotland

We know what it takes to improve classrooms, schools and school systems. We have done the work. We have been in roles similar to the ones you now hold as leaders at the forefront of systems now being asked to improve education. We have a strong sense of international comparability, having worked with educators in many countries. We understand first-hand the challenges teachers and administrators encounter and we have also experienced the exhilaration one feels when students are successful.

Edu-quest International Inc. builds motivation, inspires confidence, nurtures the will and develops the competencies and commitment necessary to realize the key purposes of education. We are a values-driven consultancy with a positive view of human nature and capabilities. We assist organizations in achieving their desired results.  Certain core beliefs and founding principles form the backdrop against which we work.

Avis Glaze:  The Children Cannot Wait

Available at Friesen Press Online Bookstore, Amazon, A Different Booklist, and other retailers.

Avis Glaze is one of Canada’s top educators and an international leader in the field of education. From her earliest days in Jamaica, as a young girl who was driven to teach others to read, to her rapid rise through all levels of the school system to become Ontario’s first Chief Student Achievement Officer, Glaze has been a persistent voice in the belief that there should be no ‘throw-away kids.’

Avis Glaze: The Children Cannot Wait, is part biography and part chronicle of achievements. But it is mainly a template for action. Whether you are a teacher, principal, school district leader, policy maker, or anyone who has a stake in education and leadership, the ideas in this book will resonate. Topics include continuous improvement in student achievement and wellbeing, leadership development, equity, social justice and inclusive education, character building, career education, and innovations she has spearheaded. This book will serve to stimulate thinking, encourage reflection, reaffirm current efforts, and inspire future actions.


The Children Cannot Wait - Order your copy here

Avis Glaze The Children Cannot Wait -

“Avis’ can-do spirit and capacity to imagine the possible and then manifest it gives those around her the capacity to think big, take risks and offer their gifts. She is a remarkable leader and one I admire.”
— Lucy West Author, Educator, and Founder of
Metamorphosis Teaching & Learning Communities, USA

“Avis has deep passion and empathy, but she also a hell-bent commitment to getting things done. She leads others to lead others, and thus has a multiplicative impact on the well-being of children and youth.”
— Michael Fullan OC,
Professor Emeritus, OISE/University of Toronto,
award-winning author Canada

“There are a few instances in a lifetime when we meet an exceptional person who is a genuinely transformational leader…Avis is one of those rare people.”
— Steve Munby Chief Executive
CfBT Education Trust United Kingdom

Reaching the Heart of Leadership


Reaching the Heart of Educational Leadership reflects on, and identifies, key leadership lessons learned over a lifetime by an educator who seeks to shift the focus from educating minds to educating hearts, emphasizing the role of affect in interpersonal relationships.  The book discusses the importance of these dynamics in a culture that has become increasingly concerned about the outcomes achieved during one’s leadership tenure –one in which leadership actions and the question of who benefits from our leadership must speak decidedly louder than the pronouncements we make.

Avis Glaze encourages those who work closest to students to trust their inner radar and not lose their anchors, self-confidence or feelings of self-efficacy. Instead, they are encouraged to embrace idealism about human nature and potential. Qualities such as empathy, respect, genuineness, integrity and optimism are discussed as hallmarks of those who eschew cynicism and choose unbridled optimism in their daily work.


Reaching the Heart of Leadership

It’s All in a Day’s Work and Play

Avis in front of packed audience at University of Toronto
Michael Russel, Education Secretary Scotland, presents the Robert Owen Award to Dr. Avis Glaze
Dr. Avis Glaze on cover of Teaching Scotland
Avis Glaze at Glenrothes School, Scotland
Avis with some of the Aviz Glaze Scholarship Award Winners - Markham African Caribbean Associatin (MACA)
Avis receives Distinguished Educator Award, the University of Ottawa
Having a barrel of fun
Avis and Mickey at Disney World
We had the time of our lives with visiting friends from Norway
Avis invited by Queen of Norway

Invited by the Queen of Norway to address her awards conference, then to a reception at the Royal Palace,

Anne-Merete(Director of Education), Omar Mekki (IMTEC) and Avis in Fusa, Norway

Anne-Merete(Director of Education), Omar Mekki (IMTEC) and Avis in Fusa, Norway

Avis at her favourite spot in Halifax The Prince George Hotel

Avis at her favourite spot in Halifax The Prince George Hotel

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