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Avis Glaze The Children Cannot Wait .3

Avis Glaze:  The Children Cannot Wait

From her earliest days in Jamaica, as a young girl who was driven to teach others to read, to her rapid rise through all levels of the school system to become the founding CEO of the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat and Ontario’s Education Commissioner, Glaze has been a persistent voice in the belief that there should be no ‘throw-away kids.’

Part biography, part chronicle of achievements, this book will reignite passion and commitment to improve teaching, learning, leadership, and organizational effectiveness.

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Reaching the Heart of Leadership

Avis Glaze’s Impact Leadership
Reaching the Heart of Leadership: Lessons Learned, Insights Gained, Actions Taken

Reaching the Heart of Educational Leadership reflects on, and identifies, key leadership lessons learned over a lifetime by an educator who seeks to shift the focus from educating minds to educating hearts, emphasizing the role of affect in interpersonal relationships.  The book discusses the importance of these dynamics in a culture that has become increasingly concerned about the outcomes achieved during one’s leadership tenure – one in which leadership actions and the question of who benefits from our leadership must speak decidedly louder than the pronouncements we make.

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High School Graduation K-12 Strategies That Work

High School Graduation:  K-12 Strategies that Work

High-impact strategies to improve student outcomes

Based on first-hand experiences from one of the world’s fastest improving school systems, this comprehensive resource provides concrete, detailed, and research-based tools with particular attention to learning progressions. Scaffolded instruction and leadership strategies promote early and sound foundations in literacy and numeracy, build pathways to close achievement gaps, and emphasize character and citizenship development, among other strategies, to improve graduation rates.

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Breaking Barriers Equity and Excellence for All

Breaking Barriers:  Equity and Excellence for All

Breaking Barriers: Excellence and Equity for All is a clarion call to all educators to intensify their efforts to take teaching and learning, student engagement, achievement, and advocacy to new heights.  In recent years, there has been much improvement in schools across the world. There has been a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to help all students push the boundaries of their performance.  And whereas the evidence in quite promising, much remains to be done.  There are still barriers to be broken.

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wards Freedom - The African-Canadian Experience

Towards Freedom:  The African-Canadian Experience

Avis points out that so many of these black students are born in Canada and are, in fact, Canadians. “They have no place to go back to. This is the only home that they know. And yet, so often they are made to feel that they do not belong – mainly because they may look or speak differently from their peers.”  Avis has always believed that when students study their history, they develop a sense of pride in their race, background, and culture. They also develop a greater sense of confidence in their ability to make a difference in society.

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Access - One School District Response to Expelled Students

Access:  One School District’s Response to Expelled Students

In recent years, there has been increased emphasis on the need for policies and programs to address the issue of discipline in schools.  When school districts have no choice but to expel students – particularly those of compulsory school age – because of the gravity of an infraction, the long-term implications for the individual and for society become a matter of serious concern.  In this paper Dr. Avis Glaze expands on one School District’s response to expelled students.

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