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Edu-quest International is the brainchild of Dr. Avis Glaze. Respected globally for her insights and innovative approaches to education, Dr. Glaze is a frequent keynote speaker, seminar leader and workshop presenter at educational venues worldwide.   Edu-quest International was formed with a focus on teaching, learning, leadership and organizational effectiveness in today’s ever changing and challenging world of Education.

If you are here for any of the following reasons, you are in the right place:

  • You wish to build capacity among educators to improve instructional effectiveness
  • You want to Improve student learning and achievement
  • You desire to focus on excellence and equity together
  • You want research-informed strategies that emphasize holistic education
  • You wish to address parent and student engagement
  • You want to emphasize inclusive education practices, including diversity and human rights
  • You know that schools and school systems must serve the needs of all students

Edu-quest is all about challenging minds, engaging hearts and strengthening skills.

From our blog and newsletter with inspired ideas and tips, to our array of courses that we have made available for your learning, we want to inspire and share the lessons we have learned over almost 40 years at all levels of education systems across the globe.

We know what it takes to improve classrooms, schools and school systems. We have done the work. We have experienced the roles of those who are being asked to improve education. We have a strong sense of international comparability, having worked with educators in many countries. We understand first-hand the challenges teachers and administrators encounter and the exhilaration they experience when students are successful.

Just like you, we consider it a privilege to be educators during this Golden Age of Education.

Dr. Avis Glaze – Inspiring. Passionate. Insightful.

Dr. Avis Glaze is the Founder and CEO of Edu-Quest International Inc. and one of Canada’s top educators.

At its core, Edu-quest was created by Avis to assist educators from around the world improve teacher and student learning.

As a dynamic international leader in the field of education, Avis has been acclaimed for her work in leadership development, student achievement, school and system improvement, character development and equity of outcomes for all students.

Recognized by school systems across the globe, Avis is ready to inspire your school, district, organization, or event. Her presentations, speeches, and conversations are always passionate, inspiring and captivating. She connects easily with the people in your schools and community to engage, motivate, and promote reflection.

After serving as Ontario’s first CEO of The Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat, Avis was later appointed as Ontario’s Education Commissioner and Senior Adviser to the Minister of Education.

Avis continues to motivate and inspire educators through speaking engagements and consults with school districts, non-profit organizations and businesses. Her courses and programs for principals and teachers ignite a passion for learning that is easily transferred to the students they serve.

Find out how Avis can help your school district, school, or organization to maximize existing talents and achieve real results.

Avis completed two Master of Education programs – one in educational administration, a second in guidance and counselling, and a Doctorate in Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. She also has training in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Advanced Facilitation, and the Assessment of Emotional Intelligence. She has taught at all levels of the education system, in rural and urban areas, in public and Catholic schools, and at the elementary, secondary, community college and university levels. Avis has been a superintendent of schools in several school districts, an Associate Director of Education with the York Region District School Board and Director of Education of the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board. At the university level, Avis has been an Adjunct Professor in counsellor and teacher education in faculties of education in Ontario. She also served as an Education Officer with the Ontario Ministry of Education and as Research Coordinator with the Ontario Women’s Directorate of the Ministry of Labour.