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Education Tours

Education indicators in Canada: An international perspective, 2013  ( Released: 2014-01-07 by Stats Canada

“Almost 9 out of 10 people (89%) aged 25 to 64 had completed at least high school in 2011 in Canada, substantially higher than the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) average of 75%. Among reporting countries, only the Czech Republic (92%) and the Slovak Republic (91%) posted higher proportions…

Canada had a high proportion of individuals with a university degree compared with most other OECD countries….

Avis receives standing ovation at acceptance speech, Honorary Doctorate, University of Toronto

OECD, McKinsey and Company and other jurisdictions have recognized the good work that is going on in Canada and the expertise of Canadian educators.  For that reason, many want to visit Canadian schools to learn about the system and to share what they are doing in their countries.

“Perhaps the most important lesson we can learn from international comparisons is that strong performance and improvement are always possible.  Countries such as Japan, Korea, Finland and Canada display strong overall performance and, equally important, show that a disadvantaged socioeconomic background does not necessarily result in poor performance at school.
Schleicher and Stewart (2008)

“Canadian students continue to perform
well in mathematics in a global context
(CMEC report. 2012)

At Edu-quest International Inc., we also arrange educational visits for teachers and school leaders, policy makers and politicians who visit Canada to learn with and from their education colleagues.

Over the years, we have facilitated many tours, organized seminars and planned customized programs which include:

Visits to the Ministry of Education and College of Teachers

Discussions with the unions and teacher federations

Seminars with the principal’s councils

Lectures from Canadian professors of education

School Visits

Other ‘cultural immersion’ activities

Because we have worked at all levels of the education system, in a variety of roles, we serve as resource, answering questions and providing a historical view of Canadian education.

Executive Retreat Women in Educational Administration Ontario (WEAO)

Edu-Quest Education Tours – some of our favourite activities!


Dinner at local restaurant

At Edu-Quest we also have fun - with Swedish Delegation at Niagara Falls

Have barrels of fun

Cavorting with natives

Walk on the wild side