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Comments from Around the Globe

Dr. Avis Glaze on cover of Teaching Scotland
“Dr. Avis Glaze speaks with an authority borne of a lifetime’s experience in improving educational outcomes for children and young people. She has a proven track record in promoting system-wide change and an intimate understanding of what it is that a school or an individual teacher can do to bring the best out of every student. She inspires audiences large and small with her passion for education and her commitment to the welfare of every child. Through this series of letters, teachers and principals will gain new insights and strategies into how to improve their schools”
Bob Cook , Formerly Director of Education and Cultural Services West Dunbartonshire Council, Scotland
“Avis Glaze is truly a world-class leader in education.

I first met Dr Glaze on a visit to Toronto, Canada in 2005, and was immediately struck by her extensive knowledge of effective educational practices and her obvious dedication for the students, teachers and school communities in her jurisdiction.

Since that meeting, Dr Glaze has become a highly respected friend of the New South Wales Department of Education and Training. Together with colleagues in various leadership roles within our organization, I have had the pleasure of maintaining an ongoing dialogue with Dr Glaze about the foundations of high quality public education.
Dr Glaze’s authentic leadership over a number of years in relation to literacy and numeracy development and the provision of highest quality public education to all students, especially those from socio-economically disadvantaged and Indigenous backgrounds has proved inspirational to many of my colleagues in New South Wales.

I am thrilled to hear of Dr Glaze’s latest venture, The Avis Glaze Letters to Educators. I am sure that Dr Glaze will continue to inspire educators around the world with her personable, practical and passionate insights.”

Trevor Fletcher, Deputy Director-General, Schools New South Wales Department of Education and Training Australia
Dr. Avis Glaze - Edu-Quest International Inc.
“Dr. Avis Glaze is the consummate educator. Her insatiable love of learning, uncompromised high standards and ability to communicate her beliefs passionately to others makes her writing a scholarly and current source of reflection. Always creative and thoughtful, the Avis Glaze Letters to Educators inspire and engage us to deliberately pause and reflect deeply on our moral imperative: to educate all of our children!”
Dr. Lyn Sharratt, Research Associate York Region District School Board North Toronto, Canada
“Avis Glaze’s Letters to Educators come at the perfect time for educators and those interested in the roles and responsibilities inherent in the education process itself.

Her passionate commitment to every student’s improved achievement in a context of rapid organizational change has served to influence public policy as well as school and system leadership locally, nationally and internationally for many years.

As organizations adjust to keep pace with 21st Century learning demands, Avis’ Letters serve to re ignite in each of us our moral purpose as educators and inspire us to reaffirm our unwavering commitment to an inclusive, sustainable and high quality public education system.

These Letters reinforce that, as we strive to collaborate and learn together, as we nurture the critical relationships inherent in the process, as we provide focused leadership and purposeful feedback, we have immense capacity to significantly impact a positive teaching and learning environment that benefits each of our students and empowers them to become responsible and contributing adults in our global community.”

Dr. Denese Belchetz, Coordinating Superintendent of Education York Region District School Board Ontario, Canada
Avis with Former York Regional Police Chief Armand La Barge
Avis and students at Redwell Primary School, Scotland
“As an international educator, Avis listens to all of the stakeholders in education – particularly those who work directly with students. She has never forgotten her roots as a classroom teacher. The Avis Glaze Letters to Educators represent a culmination of Avis’ experiences. They affirm what we are doing well in our classrooms, motivate us to work towards continued student success and inspire us to become leaders in our schools.

Teachers will find these letters supportive of their work and applicable to their classroom practice. As a teacher, I know that I will use these letter to enhance my teaching and to help us all take our schools to new levels of effectiveness.”

Rachelle Mack, Teacher/Facilitator of Technology Clarington Central Secondary School
“Avis Glaze has made outstanding contributions to education around the globe. Her powerful insights, drawn from a remarkable career, are presented with passion and genuine commitment. She inspires everyone fortunate to work with her and her influence will improve learning for future generations.”
Alan Boyle, Leannta Education Associates London, England
“Avis Glaze is one of the most unique and powerful voices in character education. Her broad record of experience at the classroom, school, board, and provincial level is unparalleled and when combined with her impressive grace, eloquence, and intelligence produces a valuable and transformative speaker for educators about both the academic and character goals of all education.”
W. Berkowitz, Ph.D., Professor of Character Education University of Missouri St. Louis, USA
“Avis is one of those rare individuals who can inspire an audience into believing that anything is possible – in the interests of young people. Her commitment, dedication and determination shine through all that she says and does; for Avis only the best would be good enough for Ontario’s future citizens.”
Marion J Matchett, Chief Inspector Northern Ireland
“Principals across Ontario have a deep respect for Avis. She has influenced the provincial direction of education for many years and has been a mentor to many future leaders. Her presentations are in great demand because of her ability to motivate and inspire all of us.”
Joanne Robinson, Ontario Principals' Council, and Education Leadership Canada
Dr. Avis Glaze - In Front of Castle on Vsisit Queen Sonja
“On my visit to Ontario it was quickly evident that Avis is arguably one of the most progressive and knowledgeable thinkers in the areas of school and literacy/numeracy improvement. Her skills are varied and deep. Avis is an outstanding presenter, thinker, synthesizer, energizer and most significantly, leader of people. She willingly gives of her vast knowledge in a way that challenges thinking but also empowers others…
We would love to share your expertise and passion for improvement of student achievement…I would love to involve you in some conceptual work we are currently doing around literacy and numeracy improvement which has been significantly influenced by your good work in Ontario.”
Trevor Radloff, Director, School Effectiveness and Support Adelaide, South Australia
“As Leader of the Canadian Delegation at the UNESCO conference on Inclusive Education in Riga, Latvia, you made your country proud. Everyone commented on your presentation at the pleanary session. It was truly exemplary!”
Dr. Mary M. Khimulu, Ambassador & Permanent Delegate of Kenya to UNESCO Paris, France
“When considering the work of LNS in total, one predominant theme emerged: in partnership with school boards, there has been a significant shift in the future of Ontario schools that is focused on enabling the success of all students. There has also been sustained improvement in student achievement.
These are major accomplishments… These efforts have had a positive impact in school boards and schools. LNS has created and sustained a “Sense of Urgency” that permeates the educational language being spoken throughout boards. This sense is not diminishing but rather is growing. At the same time, there is a general sense that the Ministry of Education, through the LNS, is providing much needed resources and opportunities that boards require to move their schools forward. Overall, the LNS is providing a valuable service, supporting the education of Ontario’s children. This model is effective and the service should continue.
…Dr. Glaze has been a public face of the LNS, providing a consistent and persuasive message across the province. This has resulted in strong “brand recognition” for the LNS, with a consistent message from a well-recognized and respected educator…”
Excerpt, from the Evaluation of the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat (2007) Canadian Language & Literacy Network (CLLRNet)
“Dr. Avis Glaze is an extraordinary speaker. She speaks passionately and from the heart. Creating highly literate learning communities which value respect, responsibility, integrity and courage within a civil society is her key message. Her concern for the roles that educators play in preparing our youth to be the stewards of our Earth and the leaders of our future is clearly expressed in her talks.”
Kelly Guichon, Chair, Delta School District British Columbia, Canada
“The work of the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat over the last three years has had strong measurable impact across the province. Educators at all levels have become increasingly focussed on student achievement in reading, writing and mathematics, and all students and communities have benefited as a result. As well, the focus that you personally have brought to Character Education has strengthened the ability of Boards to address significant issues for students and their communities. You can feel confident that this momentum will not be lost, and that the progress that you have driven will continue.
Gerry Connelly, Director of Education Toronto District School Board
Avis at Redwell Primary School
“Our day at the Ministry and then at the OPC was the best possible start. We were all agreed that even if we had journeyed to Toronto only to meet and listen to Avis Glaze and your other colleagues at the Ministry the trip would have been worthwhile. Avis has such a clear and powerful vision, together, quite obviously, with the strength and charisma to make change happen, that we were completely bowled over. More than one member of the group suggested that what we need in Scotland is an Avis Glaze and I’m not inclined to disagree with that view.”
Bob Cook, Learning and Teaching Scotland, & Former Director of Education and Cultural Services West Dunbartonshire Council, Scotland